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J. Scott Investments has over a decade of alternative lending experience and holds partnerships, not brokering with leading capital providers. J. Scott Investments offers something the market hasn’t given business owners before – a partner and an advocate!

Why J. Scott Investments? Our secret is our contractual relationships with Direct Lenders that allow us to be compensated without having you (the customer) feel the financial burden. Dealing directly with the lender works well if you’re going to a bank, but all too often online lenders only have one product, and if declined you must start the process all over again. J. Scott Investments only submits your application to lenders whose credit box you match up with your business– we know our partners lending criteria extremely well.

An important distinction between us and anyone else will be our quality of extensive experience. We work from a foundation of ethical practice and total transparency. We safeguard your information with our extensive security measures, as we have secure data servers and you can feel confident that there are no hidden fees or ambiguous terms. That is the J. Scott Investments difference!

Our Process

Eligibility Made Clear

  • Personal Credit 550+

    (Most of our customers average 650)

  • Business Revenue $10k per month in gross deposits

    (Average about $15k per month)

  • Industry

    (Our team of lenders work with 95% of business)

  • Time in Business 12 Months+

    (Average Customer is 36 Months in Business)

  • Minimal Documentation

    (3-6 Months of bank statements, most recent business tax return, and a one page application)

Areas of Specialty

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Nothing complicated or tough to explain – we just want to hear from you. At J. Scott Investments we have worked with thousands of small, medium, and large business with a wide range of needs specific to their industry, revenue, and maturity. We just want to take a couple minutes to understand what you’re looking for so we get you approved quickly.


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